4 key brand concepts that your ad agency hasn’t told you

FYI to small business marketers who are developing their brand. Your brand does not and will not exist.

I know that small business owners, like most consumers, find the above statement bizarre. In actuality, this is a core idea:  it puts the whole idea of creating a brand for a small business into a solid context. Meaning that you should recognize what a brand actually is (and is not.) Here we go.

1. Your brand only exists in the mind of the consumer. Your brand is construct. While it is developed in your mind, (or the mind of your creative marketing team) it is a construct that has no existence outside of the consumers perceptions.

2. A brand is not a logo. Or at least, not just a logo. You can point to a logo but you cannot point to a brand.

3. Your brand is a bundle: it is the aggregate of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, and sensory impacts that exist in the mind of the consumer when they think of your brand.

4. Your brand, like a person, has a face, a look, a personality, and a voice.

5. Your brand is, fundamentally, a promise.

Interested? I’ll elaborate the last point ad abundantiam in my next post.

Thanks for reading!


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