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Excerpt from article in today’s Globe & Mail Adhocracy section. Interview with Dave Senay, CEO of PR firm: Fleishman-Hillard. The thrust of the article is PR related, however Senay’s comparison of old vs. new school strategic marketing is a great perspective for all brands and anyone with an interest in marcom:

“In the old days, the way we marketed was we had a target on you – that sounds very military, doesn’t it? I put a target on your back, and I harpoon you with messages until you surrender, and then I drag you aboard, and you bought my product. It was very invasive and unwelcome.

Today, we’re counselling clients that you’ve got to show up in a relevant way in the streets and alleyways of the lives of the people you want to reach, so they can discover you. The target is now on the product’s back for the consumer to discover in a way that’s useful, in a way that’s relevant and timely and credible, and that’s called a relationship, where suddenly there’s this symbiotic thing going on between a brand, a product.”

Here’s a link to the whole article:


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