Private label branding: this is how it started

No Name brand is back – great strategic branding article from brandchannel, with comments

For marketers that grew up when the original No-Name brand products adorned the shelves of Loblaws stores in the 1980’s, the iconic packaging, font, and colour choice will forever remain a nostalgic reminder of when private label brands were born.

The 1980’s zeitgeist has returned to our popular culture in multiple forms, including fashion, musical influence, advertising design and art; it was almost a given that consumer goods packaging, the traditional monument to the banality of consumerism, would follow.

No Name brand is back. For the first time, the age of the brand design I see on the shelves of my local Loblaws aligns with that of the muzak system soundtrack. Whoa!

Long live Helvetica!


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One Response to Private label branding: this is how it started

  1. pcc says:

    damn, didn’t know it and I got interested in PL 3 weeks ago , big thanks!

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