DIY web marketing: social media is the small business owners best friend

Adage Article: Thanks to Social Media, Direct Marketing is Going Do-It-Yourself

Most marketers I’ve met (and certainly all the small business owners, start-up architects and entrepreneurs) have always had a DIY streak in them. The advent of social media as a mainstream B2B + B2C marketing tool has spawned a whole new generation of DIY brands (like cōjent. marketing + communications.)

Armed with a powerful suite of mostly free tools to connect with potential customers, suppliers, or competitors, DIY marketers thrive in the social web space commonly called web 2.0

What this means for you, small business owner, is that there now exists an unprecedented array of direct marketing opportunities in the digital (and increasingly, mobile) space.  Do not pass up these opportunities.


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One Response to DIY web marketing: social media is the small business owners best friend

  1. Social media is very powerful as long as its done correctly. DIY is great but also lots of business owners discredit social media because they setup an account and expected killer results lol. They didn’t realize that you have to put in time to actually be a part of the community. Great article.

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