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Brand Identity: It’s all in your head!

Fascinating stuff for us marketing and branding nerds. This article takes a few different pieces of well-conceived consumer research and lets us know what we (marketers) have long suspected – brands are purchased “tribally” to signal who we are, what … Continue reading

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Great digital marketing strategy: 4 roads to success for your small business

Read a fantastic article by Mia Wedgebury a while ago that took a “jump in” approach to the social web. From a small business consulting perspective, one paragraph stuck out for me as a great template to building a strategic … Continue reading

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Top 10 global brands

Look at Apple’s change vs. 2009. Ipad anyone? And how did IBM do it?

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Private label branding: this is how it started

No Name brand is back – great strategic branding article from brandchannel, with comments For marketers that grew up when the original No-Name brand products adorned the shelves of Loblaws stores in the 1980’s, the iconic packaging, font, and colour … Continue reading

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Interbrand article: Brand naming trends in 2010

Brand Naming Trends in 2010 Super Interbrand article speaking to the evolution of brand names in recent years – from a truly informed point of view. Enjoy!

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Globe + Mail article – Tell a friend: Companies flock to word-of-mouth marketing

Canadian telco takes grassroots approach to new level, making the customer the recruiter. Click here for article!

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The marketing driven business: the 4 ideas YOU need to grow your small business brand

The organizations that have built the greatest brands in the world are marketing-driven. http://www.Interbrand.com ranks the 2009 top ten global brands as: Coca-Cola IBM Microsoft GE Nokia McDonalds Google Toyota Intel Disney The differences between being a product/service driven organization … Continue reading

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